Welcome to Victoria’s art of living !

A celebration of my favorite cuisine, lifestyle and travel moments.

My name is Victoria and I am the person behind this website and both instagram pages @victoriasartofliving for healthy food inspirations and @victoriastraveljournal for travel and restaurant tips.
Through this website and blog, you will find a catalogue of beautiful, useful and simple ideas that will hopefully not only inspire you but also make your life beautifully simple.

A little about me …

Since the age of six months, I have lived and visited countless countries allowing me not only to meet the most fascinating people, each country has fostered my knowledge on their traditions, their mindset and of course their culinary arts.
I love travelling, meeting new people and learning about new cultures and languages. I speak English, French, Italian and Spanish fluently and I hope to one day learn to speak German.
I have studied business administration and strategic management in Switzerland and have worked in the financial industry since.
When I am not at work, I am either travelling, testing out new recipes or trying out new places… and of course, taking pictures of food! :)

My love for food…

Since I can remember, I loved staying in the kitchen. I enjoyed its warmth, its coziness and, well… there was always food around! As I grew up, I had to contribute to the household chores and helping out in the kitchen was by far my favorite. So I quickly learned the basics for our family’s weekly dinners and every Sunday I would bake a cake or other pastries for our family’s tea time.
Every Saturday, I enjoyed going to the outdoor food markets, looking at the vegetables stalls, listening to its shouting vendors and carefully selecting the fruits and vegetables. When we lived in countries with supermarkets, you would find me at the ticketing machine, weighting every customer’s vegetable and neatly sticking their bar codes on their bags or maybe in an aisle, rearranging the packages in lines and columns (no, comment lol).
As we moved from country to country, I stumbled upon different foods and cooking methods not only in restaurants, but at my friend’s houses. My friends not only lived in different countries, they also came from all over the world. I remember eating my first fondue in Switzerland, cautious not to let the bread fall in the cheese, my first spring rolls at my vietnamese friend’s house when I was five, my first rice krispies cake at a birthday party in Canada, my first mozarella at the school canteen in Italy (I could not believe my eyes!), my first scones in Zimbabwe during my patisserie lessons at school, my first naans in India at the food market or my first pierogies in Slovakia when I met my best friends family.
Food is more than just food, it’s shared memories, fragments of countries and experiences that live within me and I love to rekindle these moments through dishes and dinners.

Why I started this blog…

As you may have already noticed, I love food! I love tasting new foods, trying out new restaurants or discovering new cuisines while I’m travelling. As many of you, my body does not always accept all these foods. After having had several food intolerances, I decided to focus on my health and well being.
For me, the key to health is maintaining a balance between the joy of eating, discovering new foods and eating food that fuels your body and…. from time to time going back to basic foods. I believe that our bodies are a reflection of our choices and that what we eat should be of the highest quality possible.
Whilst I love eating out and trying new food, I know my body needs healthy and sound vegetables.  Working long hours in a stressful environment, do not necessarily support a healthy routine and many of us order online, take away or go out. 
Challenging but feasible, I was determined to learn ways to save time and gain productivity by organizing myself and simplifying tasks. I developed a passion for organisation whether it is at work, at home or in the fridge. I love reading about it and learning more.
As friends and colleagues regularly asked me for simple week day meal ideas or travel tips to local restaurants, I thought I might create this website and blog to share everything that I love! 

Where I get my ideas…

I am fond of trying new foods, spices and ways of cooking, whether it is through family and friends or discovering these through travelling and restaurants. Experiences stimulate my imagination and incite me to try out new dishes and ideas. 
I also have a lot of cooking books that give me plenty of ideas. Should I fully use a recipe, you will find the link or the details of the book.
Sometimes, it just depends of what’s available in at the market… or in the fridge! :) As much as I can, I try to use seasonal vegetables and local foods.

Thank you!

Thank you for joining me on this journey! Through this website, I hope to bring your ideas for your everyday life with healthy recipes, restaurant ideas or why not, your next holiday?